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The website of Konwave AG incorporates information and opinions on investment tools, products and services (subsequently altogether referred as “investment products”). You are only allowed to visit the website, if you read the following legal references for investment products carefully and afterwards accept the terms and conditions.

With your agreement and your access to the website you acknowledge that you have understood the terms and conditions and that you have explicitly accepted them.



Please note, that the information in the subsequent area is aimed exclusively at an investor according to the Swiss Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes with domicile in Switzerland.



Local Legal Restrictions

The website incorporates information and opinions on investment products (i.e. mutual funds) which are subject to different registration obligations in different legal jurisdictions. This website is neither addressed to natural persons nor to juristic persons for which the use of or access to the website of Konwave AG breaches the legal system of a country due to the nationality or the domicile of the respective person. This applies particularly for citizens and/or residents of Great Britain, Japan and the USA.


Neither a Recommendation nor an Offer

The content which is published is neither a recommendation nor a proposal to buy, hold or sell the respective investment product or to execute any other transaction or legal act. It exclusively serves for personal use only as well as for information purposes. The content as well as the legal references for investment products can change at any time and without any previous notice by Konwave AG.

The content which is provided in the area investment products does not represent any recommendation for your investment and other decisions and does not characterize any form of advice. Before investing in an investment product, the investor has to have read carefully and for information purposes through the available legal documents as well as all other documents which are potentially required according to local regulations and laws (i.e. prospectus as well as the annual and semi-annual report of a mutual fund). A detailed study of the incorporated legal references as well as references in regard to risks is particularly important. Before taking any investment decision, it is recommended to include an investment specialist.


No Warranty

Konwave AG applies its utmost diligence when putting together the content for the investment products. Konwave AG and its contractual partners do neither assume any warranty nor any third party liability in the field of accuracy, actuality and completeness of the published content. There is no obligation for Konwave AG to update or remove any outdated content.

Further, Konwave AG does neither assume responsibility nor provide warranty for the functionality of the website with content about investment products neither being interrupted nor being error free, nor for errors to be repaired nor for the website or the respective server being free of viruses or other harmful components or programs.

Moreover, there might be links quoted on the Konwave AG website that lead to websites of third parties. These links are completely outside of any control from Konwave AG. Therefore Konwave AG does neither assume responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and lawfulness of the content of such websites nor for any possible offerings or services on such websites.


Risk Reference

In principle the following applies: The higher the risk (price fluctuations), the longer the investment period should be and the higher are the return opportunities. The value of the invested capital as well as the corresponding returns (i.e. payout of dividends in connection with a mutual fund) might fluctuate or might be fully eroded.

Investments in foreign currency are directly and indirectly subject to changes in currency exchange rates. Particular investment products are in principle subject to higher risks (i.e. mutual funds which invest with a clear focus in emerging markets or in small cap companies and/or in high yield bonds).



A positive performance in the past is not a guarantee for a positive performance in the future. Therefore Konwave AG and its contractual partners do not provide any warranty for capital preservation (or even capital appreciation) on the invested capital. The investors need to be willing and have the ability respectively to put up with possibly substantial losses or even a total loss.

Any fees or costs incurred when buying, selling or holding the investment product (i.e. incurred commissions and costs when subscribing or redeeming shares of a mutual fund) are not being incorporate in any performance calculations.


Exclusion of Liability

Konwave AG and its contractual partners disclaim any kind of liability (includes negligence and liability to third parties) as far as legitimate in regard to direct, indirect or subsequent damage of any kind, which are in connection with the usage of the website and its content or with the risks of the financial markets.


Reference Sources

The legal documents for a collective investment, to which it is referred to in the subsequent area investment products, are available from the representative in Switzerland.

GAM Investment Management, Hardstrasse 201, P.O. Box, 8037 Zurich is the swiss representative according to art. 120 and 123 et seq.CISA for all managed collective investment schemes of Konwave AG.

Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG, Bahnhofstrasse 36, P.O. Box, 8010 Zurich is acting as paying agent according to art. 121 CISA for all managed collective investment schemes of Konwave AG.


Property Rights

Copyright and intellectual property rights in the content of this website are owned by Konwave AG, in case the opposite is not explicitly mentioned. No part of this website grants any licences for pictures, texts, brands or logos. With downloading or copying the website there are no legal claims to any contained software or any contained material transferred.

Any reproduction or re-publication of content on this website requires the written approval of Konwave AG as well as an explicit indication of source.


Applicable Law / Court of Juristiction

The access and the use of the website of Konwave AG as well as the important legal references at hand in regard to investment products are governed by Swiss Law. The court of jurisdiction is exclusively Zurich, Switzerland.




Confirmation Disclaimer


Agree: I am a qualified investor according to the Swiss Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes (CISA) with domicile in Switzerland and I have read the above mentioned terms and conditions, I understand them and I agree to them.


Disagree: I am not a qualified investor and/or I have not read the above mentioned terms and/or I do not understand them and/or I do not agree to them.