We advise and manage since 1999 assets in the gold mining sector and have developed and improved our investment process continuosly. Key drivers to modifications in our investment process were the analysis of our investment results as well as a detailed analysis of the key performance drivers in the gold mining industry.

The investment process is based  on a systematic, multistage approach. The process is split in a top-down and bottom-up approach. The top-down approach does define the weights of the regions, the segments (major producer, intermediate producer, small producer, explorer und developer), the split between mining companies and physical metals (etfs, etcs) and the consolidated metal weight among the companies including physical metals (gold, silver, pgm’s and other metals). The bottom-up approach defines the stock selection and the weight of the individual companies in the portfolio.

Our objective is to generate for our clients added value relative to the benchmark, by investing into themes and companies, where the changes of success are the highest, taking into account the risks associated.

All investment professionals work at the same place, information flow is quick and efficient and lead to positive investment results.

All relevant information is treated in a dedicated team approach to the benefit of all the people involved, while the investment decision and performance responsibility are clearly defined.