Sustainability is an integral part of our investment process. The extraction of raw material and investment in gold and other commodity companies can be reconciled with sustainability.

Sustainability in the mining industry

The mining industry has acknowledged the necessity of taking action for a more sustainable depletion of resources. In the fields of human rights, education, health care and infrastructure, the mining industry does contribute significantly to economic and social development in Emerging Markets. It takes a leading role in the reduction of poverty, hunger, illness and in establishing democracy in emerging countries.

The mining industry provides direct and indirect jobs and pays fair and above-average wages. The use of local workforce (including training) contributes the development of social peace and lowers unemployment. The profits are equally shared between the mining companies (shareholders) and the local stakeholders (governments, regions, municipalities).

The mining industry supports the sought turnaround in energy policy through the production of metals, which are the basis to an environmentally friendlier future.